Southwest Passage Marine Surveys, LLC CAPT Joe Derie, Principal

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Marine Surveys

Capt Derie does all types of marine surveys for tugs, work boats, barges, scows, inspected passenger vessels and commercial fishing vessels. He is familiar with the Coast Guard requirements for inspected vessels as well as the Coast Guard and OSHA requirements for uninspected vessels. He surveys pleasure boats only for damage or accident investigation.

Pre-Purchase Survey: This is the most comprehensive type of inspection, and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. Condition and overall operation of the vessel should be examined. This covers structural integrity, electrical systems, the propulsion system, the fuel system, other machinery, navigation equipment, miscellaneous on-board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics, and overall maintenance as well as an out-of-water inspection and a sea trial.

Condition & Valuation (C & V) Survey: This inspection is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. They are interested in structural integrity and safety for its intended use. Most insurance companies require a survey on older boats. They will also want to know the vessel's fair market value.

Protection and Indemnity (P & I) Survey: This is a survey of not only the hull and machinery but also vessel operations, crew training and other applicable areas.

Appraisal Survey: This inspection is performed to gather enough information to justify or determine the fair market value of the vessel. This is normally needed for financing, estate settlements, donations and legal cases.

Damage Survey: This is performed to assess the extent of damage, recommend repairs, estimate repair cost, and if requested, possible cause. See also Expert Witness .

Load Line Survey: This is a survey as required by 46 CFR 42.03-30 as part of the application process for a vessel without a load line that requires permission from the US Coast Guard to move to another port due to a change of employment, for a one way voyage or for a temporary load line permit. The vessel is surveyed to the standards of the appropriate CFRs and the US Navy Towing Manual.

Trip In Tow Survey: This is a survey conducted prior to getting underway on a towing vessel and its tow using the US Navy Towing Manual and other standards to ensure towing vessel and tow safety.

On Hire/Off Hire Survey: These surveys are conducted on a vessel before it is hired out to another entity and after its return to its owner to document the condition of the vessel at those times.