Southwest Passage Marine Surveys, LLC CAPT Joe Derie, Principal

Cargo loading
broken cartons and bottles in container
Large coil askew
Cargo damage requires a surveyor to establish cause of damage and salvage value.

Cargo Surveys

With containerized shipping and intermodal transportation, cargo surveys are no longer confined to shipping in harbors. "Load and stow" can mean crated or other cargo packed into a container, an air-ride equipped tractor trailer, a flat-bed trailer, or a barge on an inland waterway.

Load and Stow Survey: Conducted to ensure that cargo is properly packed in a container, to prevent damage to either the contents or the carrier.

Cargo Damage Survey: This investigation is conducted to determine the cause of damage. The surveyor is also required to determine if the damaged goods or container can be salvaged, and to make arrangements for such salvage.

Container Survey: There’s more to inspecting a container than counting sides and ends. Joe surveys to IMO and IICL standards. Compliance is required in order to ship a container.